Let's Get Ethical


When Current Label was first created besides the actual "vibe" mission to be minimal, modern, and monochrome, there was a goal to be thoughtful in the process. We specifically planned to do our production in Downtown LA, specifically seeking out other small businesses to partner with so that we could ensure everything was being made in an ethical manner. In addition, we are hyper-aware that creating swimwear, in general, isn't the most eco-friendly process, and so our new mission is to educate ourselves and find ways to be better with our process even if it's starting with baby steps. In addition to manufacturing concerns, we wanted to use the brand as a tool to give back to initiatives we feel strongly about, behind the scenes, as a brand we have been donating to Heal the Bay, RAISES, and ACLU. In addition as the racial injustices continue against the Black community, we have committed to donating to non-profits and foundations that benefit Black youth and mothers specifically. You can find a list of our 2020 donations on our Giving Back page. We are currently in the process of creating, Let's Make Waves which will be our transparent way of giving funds to non-profits solely created by kids who are wavemakers.



Unfortunately finding ways to reuse and recycle swimwear isn't actually that easy! Once your child has grown out of their CURRENT LABEL suit, if it's still in good condition - please consider passing it on to another child in your life to enjoy! We are going to be staring a Facebook Group for customers to trade and swap soon. If passing the suit along isn't an option - please keep in mind most donation centers will not accept swimwear, so please make sure if you're trying to do a drop to ask before bringing it in. Otherwise, more than likely it will end up heading straight to the landfill. 

On our end, we are working on a partnership to hopefully allow for you to send us your old swimsuits so we can aid in either getting them reused by another brand, or recycled. Stay tuned!


Please note our online orders are shipped in plastic poly mailer bags which can be recycled. To find the drop-off locations nearest you, check: https://www.plasticfilmrecycling.org/ and enter your zip code.

If you have an order that requires a box, note that we use recycled cardboard boxes and these can also be recycled, typically in your home recycling bins. 

Additionally, we try to limit the amount of paper and extra materials sent in our orders.

Stay tuned for more on our efforts!